Mike Curtis

The home and studio of master sculptor Mike Curtis is located on a peaceful mountainside in Northern Idaho, the perfect location for an artist who is internationally recognized for his magnificent portrayals of the bald eagle. For twenty-nine years, Curtis has studied these majestic birds in the wild, observing the details of their appearance and behavior. Using the meticulous, ancient lost-wax method, he transforms his original clay or wax sculptures into the limited edition bronze sculptures that celebrate the strength and beauty of America's powerful national symbol. His works of art have been exhibited in museums across the country and have been given by and to United States Presidents. He is also the artist selected to design and sculpt the monumental-size Centennial Eagle for the historic Culver Military Academies. The weeks and often months that Curtis dedicates to research, design and labor result in unequaled depictions of the eagle's grace, power and freedom.