Thomas Glazer

Publishing has been in the Glazer family their whole lives, beginning with Bennett's design work for companies like Harry Abrams and Simon and Schuster dating back to the 19040's to Phyllis's meticulous creation of indexes for authors like Robert Caro and the writings of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindberg. Graphic Image was started by the parents in the late 1970's, but has largely been the domain of the next generation, led by Tom and Carol Glazer.

The company's foundation remains its leather bookbinding, particularly the agendas that are now sold at the most prestigious retail institutions around the world from New York to London to Tokyo. From the creativity and relationships fostered by Tom with the elite tanneries of France and Italy, has emerged a cutting edge leather accessories company soon to include a new luxury brand offering handbags and more.

Throughout its history, Graphic Image has been the choice of countless American designers to execute their vision on the canvas that its products provide. Tribute not only celebrates their creativity but does so with products that are largely made in America.