Rebecca Lundberg

In 1970, Lundberg Studios was founded in the backyard hot glass shop of the late James Lundberg.   He became an authority on the chemistry of colored glass and one of a handful of glass artists who formulated and melted all of his own materials. James set a standard of excellence with the quality of his iridescent glass and beautiful designs.   Rebecca Lundberg worked with her husband James for almost 10 years before his passing in 1992. As owner and creative spirit of Lundberg Studios, she carries on the tradition of excellence he began so long ago. She has learned about glass formulation and melting, and works in all aspects of her company.   She recently began to learn how to blow glass and has great respect for all the master craftsmen at Lundberg Studios.   "We have all been together for so long we're like family. Our collective love for Jimmy and the glass sustains us." When designing for TRIBUTE™, Rebecca looked into the materials to capture the spirit, strength and glory of our past, present and future.