Brad Sherman, president of The Social Graces, Inc.™ and founder of the newly introduced TRIBUTE™ gift collection, is spreading the word about the new American spirit.

His most recent success is a new gift collection called TRIBUTE™, a line of American-themed gifts by American artists inspired by the new era of hope and opportunity spreading across the American political and cultural landscape. Launched Inauguration Day January 20, 2009, TRIBUTE™ is intended gifts for discerning American gift buyers including those in corporations, government officials and professional organizations.

With an entrepreneurial zeal closely identified with other small business owners across America, Brad Sherman was determined to bring the talents of American artists to the marketplace.

The new TRIBUTE™ collection is a division of The Social Graces, Inc.™, a company founded in Sherman’s home garage twenty years ago in 1988. Starting with a personalized “thank you “ note service primarily for small companies, The Social Graces™ quickly evolved to include invitations, meeting collateral, web services, gifts and awards especially for Fortune 500 clientele. The garage was replaced several years ago with an industrial park location in Van Nuys, California with 8 employees.

Sherman attributes his success to following his passions, taking risks and learning from his mistakes, and unparalleled enthusiasm for making every day count. He subscribes to a philosophy based on recognizing the skill and expertise of others and then empowering them to flourish. His collaboration with the artists of TRIBUTE™ certainly backs up that promise.

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